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This month, it’s all about you. Your relationship with yourself, getting clear on what you want to embrace and manifest in your life during this astrological year which just began in Aries and ends next Pisces.

Sacrifice Is No Longer in Vogue

That does not mean you exclude other people in your thinking, in fact the most important quality is inclusiveness. You include those ever so important people in your thinking, your plans, but it starts with you. You take care of yourself and include others as well that are like minded. Sacrifice of self is over, belongs to an era gone past. Get up to date and live a life of love, beginning with you.

Out With Old Manifestation Formula

During the patriarchal reign which is rapidly coming to a close on December 21, 2012, there was a different formula for manifesting ideas. It was a time of gurus, dictators; only a few leaders for the masses. You were either a leader of many or a follower usually. If you were a great leader, here is the formula that was mostly followed by those successful. Leaders received ideas from their concept of God; a few were brave enough to say it was from their own intuition. Then leaders took these ideas, made a plan, inspired or forced people to follow and the followers were the implementers.

New Formula For Manifestation Coming In

We are moving into another reign governed more by the feminine, a matriarchal consciousness. The formula for manifesting is rapidly changing, being turned upside down so to speak. No longer is one primary leader receiving from a God of Will consciousness and charged to be responsible for seeing that the masses followed. Now, as we are moving toward the Goddess of Love consciousness, anyone and everyone on this planet has the opportunity to receive the incoming energies. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people scattered all over the planet that are consciously receiving the new. And many more that, although they do not consciously receive, when they hear someone speak, it sparks a knowingness.

How Does This Feel To Me?

And instead of immediately putting together a plan for what you receive which is more mental, which along with physical strength was the emphasis of the patriarch reign, you ask yourself, “How does this feel to me?” And then you ask yourself another very important question, “If I put together a plan to implement what I received, would it be beneficial to all consciousness?” Not that you are being asked to lead the masses, but if you implement or manifest what you receive, will it forward evolution?

Authentic Beauty

This year, the theme for the year is Authentic Beauty, big, bold colorful beauty. So you would ask yourself this Aries, “If I implement what I received would it create more beauty in the world?” You are a member of humanity, and any answer you come up with ideally would be one that any and all humans would find beneficial, no matter where they live.

Team of Specialists

Now, before you find people to arouse and to get them to follow you, look for other people that have received the same or similar visions and link up with them. You may be surprised that what you obtained is not unique to just you. With the internet, you may even discover many people have long ago grasped what you are only now receiving. These are your people to network with. It’s more a time of specialists meeting and brainstorming how, with their own individual expertise, they can come together. You then implement your own area of expertise as part of the entire puzzle.

Do Not Convert People Anymore

So the formula now for manifestation is as follows: receive, find others that have received the same visions as you, come up with a joint plan and then implement your part. You do not have to do it all any more, finding those that are in accord with you becomes the key if your idea is more than for just yourself. If it is bigger, you need people. Do not try to convert people to your thinking this year. If it is indeed true intuition, many have received the same visions.

Just Add Your Expertise

Also, it is good for your humility if when you investigate, you find that what you feel drawn to do, many others have received years ago. They will already have much information already in place, now you just need to add your expertise. leo horoscope

Move Out of the United States

Let’s move out of abstract and take a real life example. Let us say you feel drawn to move out of the United States, to another country, even a specific location. Do not be surprised if there are people from the United States who received this vision to move to this location years ago. Do not try to convert someone from here to move there, you already have like minded people there to meet. And if you are right, once you move, some of your friends and family may want to come. Have the courage to be the pioneer. Listen to your intuition.


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