The Best Toys For Your Cat

There are two reasons why getting toys for your cat is a good idea. Firstly because they will enjoy playing with them, keeping them occupied and entertained and secondly because they won’t use your furniture as toys. But decided what the best toys is for your cat can be tricky because there are so many different ones available!

Recycled toys Scratch and Purr

You can spend a fortune on cat toys and that’s great but sometimes they will appreciate a simple recycled item from around the house. Perhaps the all-time favourite cat toy is a cardboard box – it’s great to sit and sleep in, to conduct ambushes from and to hide in. take a box more than big enough for the cat to get in and cut an entrance hole as well as a few ‘windows’ for sneak paw attacks. This will keep them entertainment for ages and they can use the box, as a scratching post as well as the texture will feel good on their claws.

Similarly, paper bags have the essential cat toy charm. They are great to sit in and to attack from as well as being easy to claw and even chase around the house. Particularly if there are two cats in the household, the paper bag remains a top toy and is often a free part of doing some grocery shopping.

Interactive toys

There are plenty of toys you can use to play with the cat to engage with them and have some fun. Most of these will involve some kind of stick or wand to ensure your hands are out of the way of those flailing claws. One example are a Feathers on a Stick toy that involves a simple plastic stick with a cluster of feathers on the end. The resemblance to a cute bird is unmistakable and they will have great fun chasing it around the floor or jumping to grab it.

Another simple but effective toy is a length of string or ribbon. Drag it along the floor or through the air and it won’t be long before there is a cat at the other end of it! use a length at least a couple of feet long to avoid getting clawed but make sure this toy goes away when you aren’t around in case they get themselves tied up with it.



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