Pre-Finishing for a Gorgeous New Door

You’ve gone to a door manufacturer. You’ve done your research. You’ve decided on the wood type you want. You’ve figured out how many wood panels you want. You have decided on whether or not to include glass. You’ve picked out the hinges, locking mechanisms, and other hardware. But there is one more thing you need to decide upon.

No door can come to you as bare wood (that is, unless you want it to). Doors are going to be exposed to various levels of moisture, even when inside of the home. Exterior doors are going to be exposed to much, much more since half of the door will face wind, rain, snow, and sun. fire doors with glass

One way to ensure that the door has better protection as well as a beautiful look is to ask the manufacturer about pre-finishing options. Pre-finishing a door can really make it shine. They can also give the door added layers of protection. Pre-finishing can include a variety of options that you can request. Work is done in-house and it can be done with stains, glazes, and topcoats. Even better, the best manufacturers will offer not only standard color options, but also allow you to request a custom color option.

These options can mean several things to you. First, you get professional application. Pre-finished doors are better because they get artisan attention and skills such as 30 minutes of sanding per door so the wood is in prime condition to receive finishing. Application is done in a clean room, which means that no dust or other particles get in the way of a smooth, clean finish. All sides of the door are coated. This six-sided coating means that there is no room for moisture to reach the wood – unlike other pre-finished doors by lesser companies where only two sides of the door are finished.

These doors are always ready to install. This provides you with a reduction in time as well as the construction process. When you see the results of this door, it may make you consider ordering additional doors. If you are doing some serious work on your home, it may also be worth looking into whether or not the company also offers flooring options as well. A wood floor can be an excellent addition to any home. It should come with the same options as a pre-finished door and leave you feeling good that you made the choice to opt for pre-finished doors and floors alike.



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