Learn How to Goal Set for the New Year!

Some people don’t know how to goal set for the New Year. Why? They may be feeling low or overwhelmed about the year ahead. Perhaps they didn’t have a great year in 2012 and are predicting the same results for the year ahead.

I’ve been there but these feelings don’t last forever. They will eventually go away and I’d like to share with you a very good way to make them go away very quickly.

Today I would like to talk about being successful in 2013 even if you can’t think of a single goal to set right now. Don’t worry, this one lesson will allow you to feel more peaceful, happy, centered and above all else, a feeling of belonging. happy new year in spanish 2022

What do I mean by belonging? I mean a sense of contribution. That what you did, no matter how big or small, in 2012 was meaningful. You matter, yes that means you! So what if you didn’t win an Olympic medal in 2012. Sure it would have been nice (I REALLY want one now) but as long as you grew as a person in any way, it all counts. Why? Because ordinary things done consistently, lead to extraordinary results!

Whenever I write about how to set goals, it is either based in the present or the future but I have never mentioned the past… until now. I was reading an interesting extract recently from Mark Waldman. Mark is Faculty at Loyola Marymount University and was a founding member and Associate Fellow at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind. He is considered one of the Worlds’ leading experts on spirituality and the brain.

What I discovered from Mark is that in order to get the most out of 2013, we must do a 2012 accomplishment review. So what does this mean? It means before we start panicking about what to write down for our 2013 goals, we need to make a comprehensive list of all of our successes or goals achieved from 2012. It can be done by each month or simply think of goals you achieved and jot them down on a piece of paper.

This can be a list of things you did well – maybe running a half marathon or finishing a really big project? Moments of joy – maybe your friend got engaged or you visited a new country? Money you made -maybe you got a promotion in work this year? A present you received – maybe over the Christmas or even a gift you gave someone else over Christmas which surprised or even made someone tear with joy!

Any success is a success, be it big or small. A compliment given to you from someone – maybe you gave your seat up to an elderly person on the bus or helped a mother carry her baby’s pram off the train? Have you become closer to a friend or even made new friends?

Mark says that while you write all of this down, take a slow deep controlled breath in and out (releases stress among other things) as you become aware of how this achievement makes you feel inside. I completed my own 2012 accomplishment review over the weekend and it is very liberating. You will be surprised how many accomplishments you will have.

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