Gaining Quick Backlinks To Your Website or Blog

As you probably know, backlinks are crucial in online marketing and the entire world of search engine optimisation. If you want to be all the way up there in the top few results of Google, you’re going to need some quality backlinks.

Some people find link building quite difficult, however creating a backlink only takes a minute or so let’s have a quick look over a few of the methods:

Get Backlinks Using Blog Comments:
Chatting on other peoples’ blogs is a great way to obtain backlinks. Be sure to engage in the conversation and add value to the original post. This way, you can get a back link with your keyword in the “name” field, and a deep link to your page in the “url” field.

Get Backlinks From Forum Posts:
Simply add a text link in your signature on a forum. Be sure to add value to the forum, otherwise you will simply get banned. Once again, engage on the conversation to ensure your backlink success. Alternatively, you could always include links in your posts, however, add real value and you will get links and a solid permanent backlink. 구글상위노출

Get Backlinks Using Articles:
Write an article on the subject that you are building a link for, and be sure to include a link in the resource box. Many people read articles at various different locations, and if your article is good enough, you could get many, many more backlinks from just one article.

Get Backlinks From Squidoo:
If you build a lens at Squidoo, you can get some quality backlinks from this. Squidoo passes some quality link love that you do not want to miss out on.

Get Backlinks From Social Sites:
There are hundreds and thousands of websites online where you can share your favourite links with friends and followers. These sites are more commonly known as “social bookmarking” websites. If you share links on these sites, this creates a backlink. Since these backlinks are shared on social sites, they hold quite a lot of weight and are incredibly valuable.

In conclusion, if you really want to build some backlinks, it’s incredibly easy. There are many other ways to build links too. Don’t forget that when you build these links, ping them using a free pinging service such as pingomatic. This will ensure search engines index the links so you can get the most from them and they pass link love to your site. Happy ranking!

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