Choosing a Reptile Vivarium

Anyone can search their local pet store or search online for reptile vivariums, reptile terrariums, reptile cages and buy whatever else for their pet reptiles, but it takes some serious knowledge to truly make a great home for their reptiles’.

Let’s begin with briefly talking about space requirements. Small reptiles such as geckos, frogs and some turtles do not need large vivariums or terrariums to live in comfortably. Do some research on your reptile to find out how large it will grow to be. This is important even if you think your reptile is already as big as it will ever become. Reptiles like snakes, iguanas, and even some tortoises can grow to enormous sizes. Once again, research to figure out how big your pet will grow to be. When buying a reptile vivarium, cage, terrarium or whatever else you may call it, keep your research in mind. If you have a reptile that will grow to be large, and you decide against buying a large vivarium at the time, you can always combine reptile tanks in creative ways to accommodate your reptile’s size as it grows bigger.

Next, we’ll move on to two different types of reptile vivariums: Types of Vivariums

1. Desert chameleon for sale

  • Usually designed for a snake or lizard
  • Decorated with tree bark, cacti, and other desert plants


2. Woodland

  • Usually designed for amphibians in temperate or tropical forests
  • Decorated with tree branches, rocks and roots


Continue to research what type of habitat your reptile exists most comfortably in and you will have no problem in identifying what things you should decorate the reptile vivarium with. Good luck!

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