A Door lock Security Primer

How easy would it be for someone to break into your home through a door? Are you at risk of not even knowing someone has broken in until they are standing in front of you? Sixty percent of residential burglaries occur while the residents are at home. Here are the basics of door security.

There are four primary considerations in door security: door lock company wholesale door lock lock manufacturing

– The right frame
– The right locks
– The locks in the right place
– The right burglar/intrusion alarm

First, you need the right frame. This might be a high-security steel frame. If you have a patio or balcony, you might want to install French doors or a sliding glass door. This would not present a door security risk if you are above the second floor of a building. On the first or second floor, you might need additional safeguards.

Second, door security depends on good locks. The better the lock the safer will be your home. Whether you choose a knob or a lever, this is your first step. The greatest security comes from a knob not operated with a key. You can choose combination code locks typed into a keypad and or locks that are operated by scanning a fingerprint. These are much more difficult to open.

In some cases you might need a three-point lock. These use a bar that runs vertically. The locks are positioned at the top, the bottom and the side to make it more difficult to break in. Three-point locks are ideal when additional door security is needed. Patio/sliding glass doors can be doubly secured with either a wood or metal rod that lies in the slide so the door cannot be slid open or with a patio door lock screwed into the bottom preventing it from sliding. These are generally operated with a key. A good deadbolt lock is usually suggested. The best deadbolts are operated on both sides of the door with a key (which should be removed from the lock).

Third, the locks need to be installed in the right place for optimal door security. Installing a deadbolt just above the knob/lever makes sense on a solid door. It is not however, the best place for a deadbolt on a door with large windows. It would be too easy for someone to break out a window and easily access both locks. The better choice in these cases is either a three-point lock or to install the deadbolt closer to the floor – low enough that it cannot be reached through the window.



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